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16oz Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

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16oz Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade for Animals

It is suggested that you provide a separate container for feeding free choice. Some folks choose to want to make sure everyone gets 'some'. To that end it is suggested to use this 1lb bag per 25lb of feed.

You can also place some in their favorite places for taking dust baths on the roost bars and nesting areas.



Diatomaceous earth is fossilized Diatoms, a type of algae. Diatoms live for about a week before settling on the sea floor, where they become a siliceous sedimentary rock.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural pesticide, bed bug killer, and de-worming agent – the effectiveness of which is a result of its high porosity.

Why is Diatomaceous Earth so Important?

Grandpa’s Diatomaceous Earth is a natural insecticide that works through mechanical means. As DE absorbs water when it attaches itself to the exoskeletons of insects, they die as a result of water pressure deficiency.  This same desiccant effect makes Diatomaceous Earth effective at stopping mold from appearing in the feed.

The animal feed contains wet additives such as molasses that cause the particles to become “sticky”. It forms clumps that not only make the feed hard to pour but is also a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Diatomaceous Earth, when mixed into the feed, coats each particle making feed easier to pour and absorbing the moisture that mold needs to grow.  No mold means less wasted feed. And this means more value from each dollar spent on feed. 

Not All Diatomaceous Earth is The Same

Diatomaceous Earth packaged Under our Grandpa”s Diatomaceous Earth® Label comes from an extremely pure fresh water deposit of the Diatoms. Why is this Diatom so special?  Its shape and hardness are important to how it works. Its hardness keeps it from dissolving in liquid. The holes along the Diatom’s wall allow it to absorb moisture, hence its use as an anti-caking agent and mechanical pesticide. Lower quality Diatomaceous Earth often contains unnecessarily high amounts of iron or clay. Lower quality DE can be identified by its dark color. Grandpa’s Diatomaceous Earth® is almost pure white and consists of 89-94% Silicon Dioxide, which is the source of DE’s benefits.





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