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Chick flic 5lbs - (1- 5lb bag) Shipping Included

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CHICK Flic has calcined clay with an added active ingredient that goes a step beyond absorption to bind Ammonia on contact.  It literally cause a reaction that changes NH3 into NH4 which is an odorless and harmless compound.

There are about 155 tablespoons per bag and you are getting 1 bag. Now most folks are only dealing with high levels of poo and such right under the poop board. So you might not be spreading all over the coop. Each person's needs are going to be unique - size of flock, size of coop and run, are your flock stuck inside due to bad weather.... way too many variables to give a hard and fast cost per day or application.

Each application is good for about a week! This purchase should have your ammonia stink under control in a matter of hours.


So calculate the size of the space you need to keep the ammonia levels down in and do the math! Buying multiple bags at one time saves on shipping too.


Your flock will be healthier when you control their environment by converting the ammonia to harmless ammonium sulfate.


Tested over 4 years in the field and research studies performed by Delaware State University.

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