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Poultry Bucket Feeder Elbow ONLY

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Poultry bucket elbow feeder package:

  • 90degree lead free PVC elbow
  • Rubber Gasket
  • WeatherShield
  • MouseCap
  • Screws

Installation instructions:

The ideal hole size is 3.75 inches. Some folks are using a 4-inch hole saw to cut their hole. If you cut a 4-inch hole, you must make sure you center the elbow in that hole! The actual size of the elbow is 95mm which is 3.75″. Very frustrating for us non-metric folks.

The Weather Guard is only really necessary if you are feeding in an uncovered area. It is just a tight friction fit. No glue or screws necessary. If you are feeding inside the coop and have issues with night time visitors to your feeder – remove the Weather Guard if you have it installed – insert the MouseCap when you put your birds to bed. Remove it the morning when you let your birds out.

We suggest that you place the hole so that the bottom edge is about 2" up from the bottom of the container.

measure hole for poultry feeder elbow

Running the holesaw backwards will give you less of a rough edge. But you have to be extra careful when doing that!

cutting the hole for the poultry feeder elbow

Line up holes in the gasket and flanged elbow. Now notice that we predrilled our holes to make lining up go quicker in the next step. The easiest way to do this is to remove the gasket, position the elbow, mark the holes and then drill the holes.

poultry feeder elbow with gasket

Screw into place - Make sure the eblow is facing DOWN towards the bottom of the container

poultry feeder elbow inserted into the container

Looking down from the top into the poultry bucket feeder

looking down from the top into the poultry feeder


  • Model: abpPFelbow
  • Manufactured by: MuddyHillFarm

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