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8 pack of Nipples and CoolerAdapters

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A MuddyHillFarm Exclusive! Poo free water kept inside an insulated cooler! Now how cool is that. You get both the Cooler Adapter AND the Horizontal Poultry Drinker Nipple in this package deal

*****Please measure the thickness of your cooler before ordering. There are some coolers that are thicker then the Cooler Adapter can reach through it. CoolerAdapter is only 1.5" long!

  • Screw the MuddyHillFarm Dripless Horizontal Poultry Drinker Nipple into the Cooler Adapter
  • No sunlight - NO algae: Less Heat build up during the summer time too
  • Toss a few ice cubes in a keep your water cool and refreshing for your flock

  • Model: 1100-mhf-pair10
  • Manufactured by: MuddyHillFarm

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