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56oz Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

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56oz Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade for Animals

It is suggested that you provide a separate container for feeding free choice. Some folks choose to want to make sure everyone gets 'some'. To that end it is suggested to use a 2lb bag per 50lb of feed.

You can also place some in their favorite places for taking dust baths on the roost bars and nesting areas.

How It Works

Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® must come in contact with ants to work.

Ants, like many other insects, have an exoskeleton that has a waxy like coating covering it, keeping the ants hydrated. Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® when very magnified you can see the individual Diatoms, which on a hardness scale diamond’s being a 10, diatom’s are an 8. To ants, the diatoms are very strong and sharp, when ants get Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® on them it wears away their waxy like coating and cuts into their exoskeleton dehydrating them causing them to die.

No chemicals needed. Safe to use anywhere.




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