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Step by step instructions to make a poultry feeder using our parts and your container.

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Poultry Bucket Feeder – Parts

We’ve created a step-by-step set of images to walk you through the process of building your own feeder with the flanged elbow.

Poultry bucket feeder - drill hole for elblow
  • The bottom edge of the drill bit should be about 1.5 to 2 inches up from the floor of the poultry feeder bucket.
  • The ideal hole size is 3.75 inches. Some folks are using a 4-inch hole saw to cut their hole. If you cut a 4-inch hole, you must make sure you center the elbow in that hole! The actual size of the elbow is 95mm which is 3.75″. Very frustrating for us non-metric folks.
Poultry bucket feeder - mark the holes in the elbow flange
  • Place the elbow through the hole and make sure the elbow is facing down towards the bottom of the poultry feeder bucket.
  • Make sure you are centered in the big hole.
  • Drill just 2 small pilot holes.
  • Put screws in the 2 holes and tighten.
  • Drill the balance of the pilot holes and install the rest of the screws.
Poultry bucket feeder - install Weather Guard
  • Weather Guard is a tight friction fit. No glue or screws necessary.
Poultry bucket feeder - install Weather Guard
  • Fill with feed and call your flock over and introduce them to their new poultry feeder.





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