Poultry Bucket Feeder – 2 Ports – Holds 20 lbs Pellets, Crumbles, Grain. **MouseCap and Weather Shield Included


  • Poultry Bucket Feeder holds 20 pounds of pellets, crumbles or grain.
  • Two feeder entry ports.
  • Rubber gasket seals elbow against the bucket
  • Weather shield included for outside placement
  • MouseCap included


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Now you can leave home for that long weekend and not worry about ducks and chickens not having clean and dry food.

The 2 Port Poultry Bucket Feeder holds about 20 pounds of feed.

Place this feeder in your run or out in the field. Your feed will stay dry when the weather shield is in place.

Place the feeder at the height of the back of your smallest chicken, duck or other animal feeding from it.

Want to feed different things from the same bucket?  We just put a piece of heavy cardboard to split the inside space in half!

Mice eating your feed at night? Our unique Patent Pending “MouseCap” plugs the feeder opening to keep your feed from being stolen at night. The MouseCap is included!


Poultry Bucket Feeder requires minimal assembly.

A screw driver is all that will be needed to complete the assembly. You will place the elbow through the hole in the side of the container and then screw the screws to secure it in place. Make sure you turn the elbow facing DOWN!



Additional Information

This is why our feeder is the best:

The hens can’t poop in their feed

The weather cover does a great job of limiting rain getting to the feed and spoiling the feed. This saves you feed costs!

Less billing out of feed onto the ground. This saves you feed costs!

The hens are less likely to see and pick out favorite grains. This saves you feed costs!

Are you getting the picture yet ?

Nearly all the feeder designs are an open style. Even those with covers don’t do as well with rain protection as this unit. Buy one today and starting saving money on feed costs the day you put it out for your flock to use!

poultry-feeder-elbow-installation-instructions-v1-1.pdf to download and view