Fowl Weather Coop Door Curtain Kit – the ‘Doggie Door’ for your coop


A ‘doggie door’ for your coop!


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The doggie door concept is not new. We have set up overlapping strips instead of one solid panel that allows your birds to easily move through them.

It took our ducks and chickens about a week of training to learn how to move through the curtains.

Reduce the air exchange caused by the huge hole in the coop you call a door! That huge hole in the coop can lead to cold winter drafts and loss of valuable heat during winter.

While the curtains can certainly be hung inside the coop we suggest you install outside to help reduce the amount of precipitation that can blow in through your coop door opening.

Installation is just a couple of your screws to hold the FDA and USDA compliant QuickMount Strip in place. It is made from tough, durable polymer compounds and designed for cold weather applications.

NO tools are necessary to place the curtain panels into position.The transparent curtain panels are USDA and FDA Standards Compliant. We even offer pre-punched replacement curtain panels should need them.

We offer the kit in 2 widths and 1 length that will fit the majority of coop door openings:

12″ and 24″ wide

17″ tall curtain panels


Installation Note: The curtain panels must be trimmed to allow them to swing freely. If they are too long they will NOT work well and could even keep your coop door from closing.



Video Instructions

Quick look installed


Additional Information about Installing

The basics are these:
After screwing the bracket into place just over the door opening (we suggest you install on the outside of the coop door) Only place two curtain panels – one each side – on the bracket. They just slip right over the knobs, no tools required!

Trim the panels so that they just barely touch the bottom of the opening. You want them to hang straight and swing freely when your flock passes through them. If they are too long they will get hung up and not hang straight for the overlapping seal.

After several days add one more curtain panel. Keep adding a curtain panel until you have a complete overlapping row of curtain panels. When you are about to hang the last panel you will need to shift the panels so they all lay in an orderly fashion.

Yup it is that easy!

After your installation PLEASE leave feedback for others!