DayLight Extender for Chicken Coops


Ensure your layers get the same amount of light every day all year long with the DLX DayLight Extender.

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Get more eggs from your hens during the winter season when the amount of daylight is less. The DayLight Extender wakes your birds up early to achieve optimum light exposure hours for chickens.

  • Automatically turns the light source On and Off.
  • DayLight Extender’s Microcomputer is very smart and will not over expose your chickens.
  • Turns the light on before dawn and not after dusk.
  • The light will not stay on during day.
  • No need to turn it off or unplug – ever!
  • 10 foot cable hardwired to the controller

**Adding a DayLight Extender DLX during the winter is NOT the time to try to extend your flocks internal clocks. DayLight Extenders should be in place by the end of August. As the days grow shorter the DayLight Extender will keep them at the optimum 15 hours of light.

The DayLight Extender’s Microcomputer is very smart. It does not require any setting or resetting as days grow shorter or longer; it works automatically for all seasons and all locations.

Super easy Three-Step installation:

1- Plug a light fixture of your choice into the DayLight Extender DLX.

2- Install the included light sensor where it can receive daylight.

3- Plug the DayLight Extender to an 110V standard outlet.



YouTube Video Link for a better explanation of the DayLight Extender


Installation and Trouble Shooting

Install the DayLight Extender during day light hours only. If it can be installed in the morning hours that is even better.

Place the sensor where it can ‘see’ daylight.

Plug your light fixture with working bulb into the DayLight Extender.

Your light fixture will come on and go off once you have plugged the entire unit into your outlet. This is the DayLight Extender self test after it is plugged in.

There is no setup and no programming.

If you do not see it self test with the light you have plugged in to it:

Make sure you have power to the outlet you are plugging into (yes we know that sounds pretty basic but you would be surprised how many folks are embarrassed by that ‘senior moment’)

Does the bulb light up in another fixture?

Unplug DayLight Extender, wait for 5 minutes.

Make sure a working light bulb and fixture are connected to DayLight Extender.

Plug the DayLight Extender into your energized 110V outlet.

You should see the light come on and go off.

This means the DayLight Extender ran the self test and is working.

As for when the light comes on: it depends on the natural day light duration that DayLight Extender sensor can ‘see’.

So if the sensor is not placed where it can ‘see’ natural light, DayLight Extender ‘thinks’ there was no light or very little day light and turns the light On at odd times.

The DayLight Extender goal is to provide 14 hours of combined natural and artificial light to chickens.