Colored Poultry Leg Bands – Zip Ties


Poultry ‘Leg Bands’ help you to quickly indentify who’s who

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We were having a heck of a time remembering who’s who since many really do look nearly alike – especially when they are running around. The spiral bands we had purchased had very sharp ends and would dig into their legs. The other leg bands were just to ‘tall’ for the little little ones.

So in looking at ways to quickly and easily band our flock we decided to go with colored zip ties. Since there are limited amount of colors we use the same color but on opposite leg or stack multiples on one leg. We think you will agree it is the simple solution to ‘marking’ your flock.

Zip Ties are 4″ long by just 1/8″ wide!  There are 2 of each of 6 colors in this product group