Automatic Door for Coops

$275.00 $255.00

Finally an inexpensive ready made, easy to install coop door! Screw the 4 screws in, plug it in – Now how simple is that?



The Superior Automated Door features:

  • light sensor with 2 settings to choose from
    • 15 or 45 minutes after sun rise/set
  • push button override to open/close
  • control cable 3 feet long
  • fiberglass door panel (does not retain heat or cold like metal does!)
  • sturdy frame
  • no programming or setting a timer!
  • door jam protection
  • forced open alert – LED flashing
  • immediate stop and retract if something is in the doorway
  • flashing LED so you can see that there is an issue
  • color coded LED for door status
  • 110v  (why risk a weak or dying AA battery pack?)