AstroTurfNXT Poultry Nesting Pad – 4 pack – FREE Shipping


Don’t let mites and other creepy crawlers bug your hens while they are laying your eggs! Put the AstroTurfNXT Poultry Nesting Pad under them.


The AstroTurfNXT Poultry Nesting Pads are an advanced design that is light weight yet strong enough for any nest box. The original version was not one my girls liked. This NXT version is more expensive as it is more dense with a ‘softer’ feel. Your girls are worth it , right? So for a few bucks more you get happy hens AND a better product.

Wood shavings can harbor mites, lice and other harmful critters in a nest box filled with wood shavings. Plus there is the expense of constantly replacing wood shavings that may rot, mildew or cause nasty fungus to grow in the itty bitty nooks and crannies of the nest box. That replacement cost can really add up over time. These UV-resistant pads have a life expectancy of 7 years

So put down AstroTurfNXT Poultry Nesting Pads one time and now you have an easy to maintain nest box material. Buy it once and use for years to come!

Your happy and healthy hens will love you for it.

AstroTurfNXT Poultry Nesting Pad can be cut with scissors to conform to your nest box shape. Color is Grey.


Made in the USA



Nest Pad Facts

11.5″ x 13″

Facts you should know about the North Carolina State University research program

FACT: This research program was conducted by North Carolina State University’s Poultry Science Department to determine if:

  1. Nest pad color has an influence on nest preference in broiler breeders
  2. Color preference has any effect on floor eggs and egg production


  1. Broiler breeder hens exhibited a marked preference for gray AstroTurf ® Nest Pads when compared to other colors.
  2. This preference results in fewer floor eggs and an increase of 4% in total eggs collected.
  3. Based on the data collected and the findings, a patent was applied for and awarded. US Patent number 5.159.896 for AstroTurf ® gray poultry nest pads.

More facts you should know about the “Original Gray Pads.”

FACT: We’ve been working for Poultry Producers for over 25 years.
BENEFIT: Experience pays dividends to you when you buy from a supplier who understands the needs of your industry.
FACT: With AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads more eggs are laid in the nest, less on the floor.
BENEFIT: Eggs laid on AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads require less labor.

Eggs laid on the slats or floors are potential sources of lost revenue due to breakage and contamination.

Eggs delivered to the hatches are cleaner.

Because more broiler hatching eggs are laid in the nest, potential sources of hatchery contamination are eliminated.

FACT: Gray AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads result in more collectable eggs.
BENEFIT: An increase in income for the same amount of work and operating costs.

More potential hatchable eggs for the same cost per flock.

Improved ratio of hatchable eggs to eggs lost.

FACT: Hens are attracted to the nest. Gray AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads stimulate hens to enter the nest more quickly at the onset of lay.
BENEFIT: A reduction in floor eggs.

Reduces time and work involved in handling and collecting eggs laid outside the nest.

Reduces time spent in training hens to go to the nest.

Increase in egg production and revenue.

More hatchable eggs offer the potential to produce more chicks resulting in more broilers.

A reduction in cost per hatchable egg.

There is a better ratio of hatched eggs feed and nutrient cost per breeder flock.

FACT: AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads offer an open back that is quality-controlled for consistency.
BENEFIT: Better air circulation in the nest.

Dirt and refuse are able to easily fall through to the floor below.

Cleaner, more hatchable eggs.

FACT: AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads are durable and more resistant to rips and tears.
BENEFIT: AstroTurf ® offers a multi flock product which helps reduce the costs associated with replacements pads.
FACT: AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads remain flexible over time, conform to the wire bottom and resist insects, rot, fungus and mildew.
BENEFIT: Durability and comfort.

Reduces the potential for egg contamination.


Taking Care of the Poultry Nest Pad

Nest Pads should be allowed to get to the same temperature as the hen house. So put them in place that is out of the way and leave them for a few hours so they are at the same temperature. Make your nests a dark and comfortable place for the hen to want to go in to.

DO NOT ALLOW THE NEST PADS TO ACCUMULATE EXCESSIVE BUILD UP OF DIRT AND DROPPINGS. Clean as needed. Nest Pads should be removed at least every three weeks – or sooner if you see that they are soiled. Shake pads to remove dirt, dust and droppings. If you have broken eggs, remove the pad for cleaning.

If you see that the pads are filling with droppings often you might want to close off the nest boxes at night. It is very likely the birds are sleeping in them.

We suggest you keep a few extra Poultry Nest Pads on hand. When you see a nasty Poultry Nest Pad you can put in a clean one and take the soiled one out to clean it.

Cleaning the Poultry Nest Pad is as simple as placing them in a bucket/pan of warm soapy water for a few hours and brushing them. Let the Poultry Nest Pad(s) soak to loosen the droppings or broken eggs. Use a brush to clean the Poultry Nest Pad and rinse it well after the scrubbing. Once it is completely dry it is ready to be returned to the nest box.

Rodents love to hang in your coop if they can. Even if it is just to sneak in and steal away with any egg residue, droppings or bedding material they will. Their eating habits will destroy the Poultry Nest Pad if they are not kept clean of those things.


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