4 gallon Poultry Bucket Drinker / Waterer Complete with bucket and nipples



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You may purchase a 4 gallon Poultry Bucket Drinker with 1, 2, 3 or 4 horizontal nipples.

A single Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple will serve about 5 birds per nipple.

Default Locations for Poultry Nipple Installation

  • Single hole: IF the metal handle were to come over it would be on the same side
  • Two hole: Opposite of the metal handle as you flip the handle back and forth
  • Three hole: 2 holes opposite the flipping handle and one on the handle side (similar to what you see in the image above)
  • Four hole: One hole will be drilled per side.

Should you desire to have the horizontal poultry nipples for the first three options in a different configuration please let us know in the comments area during check out!

You will screw each one in once it arrives – we found if we shipped them already installed that too many were being damaged.



Chickens using the horizontal drinker nipple


Additional Information

The Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple

DO NOT screw the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple in all the way! Leave two or three of the threads showing OUTSIDE the container for a better seal. Tightening the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple right up against the plastic wall of your container may diminish the sealing properties of the threads.

The 11/32” holes in this pail have been installed above the bottom of the container to allow any contaminants to settle to the bottom and out of the way of the nipples. That means your nipples will never get clogged by material that may enter with the water and slowly drift to the bottom. It also adds a bit of weight so it is less likely to tip over if the container gets perched on or bumped.

The ideal placement of the pail is to have the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple at about the same height as the middle of your birds’ their backs.

Clean water = a healthy flock:

  • Change your water at least weekly, but more often in hot weather as chickens prefer cool water to warm water.
  • Clean the bucket and Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple with soap and warm water weekly to minimize bio-film build up.



Q) It is leaking a little bit between the container and the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple

A) We see this issue when folks are using a drill bit just a bit too large, they have screwed it in so the back of the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple is right up against the wall of the container and when installing into a very thick walled container (like a 55 gallon plastic drum). If you do get a leak from between the container wall and Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple place a dab of silicone in the gap between the back of the Sideways Sipper Drinker Nipple and wall of the container for a water tight seal.



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