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Muddy Hill Farm is a beautiful 3 acre site located within the Agricultural Reserve of Montgomery County, MD.

The name directly relates to the property. The plot of land slopes steeply down to a meandering creek at the back of the property. While most folks can relate to a farm and the associated mud we have the added blessing/curse of multiple spring heads that pop up and ooze pure, clean water.

We have raised a variety of 4 legged creatures to fill the freezer with: goats, hogs, sheep. Like most of you visiting this site chickens and ducks are a main stay here.

Barry Chenkin, the founder, is not one for accepting the status quo when determining ways to house, feed and water the critters in residence.  Barry's other business, Aquabarrel Rain Harvesting Supplies, was founded on the unrelenting principal of common sense and ease of use when collecting and using rain water. Those same ideals are brought to the MuddyHillFarm products pages too.

We invite your feedback and strive to ensure you have positive experiences with our products!

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